Strategic Financial Services

It’s important to plan for your financial future, whether it be for retirement, your family, superannuation, or for your business.

General Strategic Financial Services


Our job as financial coaches isn’t to tell you where you should be going. Instead, it’s to help guide you to where you want to go – towards your ultimate financial goal.

We help you identify your goals and then devise a ‘game plan’ to reach those goals, utilising tried and tested strategies and tactics. We will then ‘coach’ you along your journey to an enduring, secure and strong financial position.

‘What do you want from life?’

‘How do you want to go about achieving it?’

These are two key questions we will ask you as your financial coach. Remember, we’re not here to judge. In coaching terms, we don’t tell you ‘where to stand on the court’. However, we will show you the tactics you need to employ to reach your end game. We’ll help you attack your goals, rather than sit by defensively on the sidelines.

It’s important to us to build a relationship with our clients. We take a long-term view to our relationships, and through consistent discovery by asking the right questions and listening to your objectives, we gain a clearer understanding of what you want to achieve; and ultimately, how we’re going to help you get there. In simple terms, we’re involved.

In the game of tennis, a highly tactical sport, each stroke is designed to build upon the last, and each stroke must go through certain phases to be executed correctly. For example, a successful return depends on each phase being performed correctly. In business, and in life, the same applies. We will work with you to ensure your ‘technique’ and ‘stance’ are in the right position to maximise the return for your efforts.

There are various paths you can follow to reach your financial goals. As your financial coach, once we have helped establish your goals, we will identify the right steps and best fit for you, to make those goals a reality.


Succession Planning

Strategic advice, planning and promoting a unique advisory service, utilising coaching skills from both our accounting and financial planning coaching panel. These include assessment of whether the business is ‘sale ready’, growth and improvement, assessment of risks and valuation assessments to ensure a successful succession planning process with a shared vision for the future.

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Coaching and Intergenerational

These unique coaching services are all about family issues and values. Intergenerational planning is the ability for clients to ensure that different generations of their family unit are financial secure, and able to live their lives free of financial concern.

In today’s world this might include advice on how parents can assist younger family members to enter the property market, to providing coaching and tips to transition the family business from one generation to another, or deal with complex family estate issues, and even to providing the right aged care direction to our older family members.

We even can provide Family Office Administration Services to larger private family business clients.

At Advantage One we have the highly skilled coaches and access to other skilled professionals in the legal, mortgage and aged care areas.

The Family Client Graph


Superannuation and Retirement Strategies

Utilising our dual coaching disciplines, Advantage One provide tailor-made strategies that aim to maintain current living standards post-retirement, through careful examination of your circumstances, and providing advice that is tax effective and practical.

We can provide Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) administration, compliance, accounting technical and financial investment advice. When considering your overall financial position, and provide the following advice relating to Superannuation:

  • Contribution Advice
  • Strategic Investment and taxation advice

Superannuation is potentially the most tax effective ownership structure to accumulate wealth in, given the ATO concession re low tax environment on funds in accumulated mode and nil tax payable in pension mode.

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