What is Strategic Financial Coaching?

‘What is it that you want from life?’

‘And how do you want to go about achieving it?”

These are the two key questions we ask our clients. We are not here to judge. We are here to coach our clients to an enduring, secure and strong financial position….the financial position that they have described for themselves.

So our jobs as coaches isn’t to tell you where you should be going. Instead, it is to guide you towards that goal. We show you both strategies and tactics to employ as part of your success game plan. In coaching terms, we don’t tell you where to stand on the court , but we do guide you in how to attack your goals.
We build a relationship with our clients. We take a long term view of these relationships and through asking questions and listening, we gain an understanding of what you want.
In simple terms we’re involved.

In the tactics of tennis, various phases are experienced through each stroke. A successful return depends on ensuring each phase is played correctly. In business and as in life, the same applies. We work with our clients to ensure they are in the right position to maximize the return for their efforts.

Once the financial goals have been identified, there are different paths to follow to get there. Through coaching we identify the best for our clients.