Our Style of Coaching

There is more than one way to achieve your goals.

When approached by an already successful business to ‘look for profit improvements: we find more than just how to generate additional margins.

With the client, we discovered both the need and the opportunity to revise the entire business game strategy model. Not only was there a new level of profitability possible, so was there a new complimentary business.

To borrow from great coaching models, our starting point is always to fully understand the current business and reality.

We developed workable, robust plans for succession and for funding retirement, as well as simpler and easier to understand reporting systems that ensured accurate insights to every aspect of the business, at any time.

Once the pressures of daily the daily performance were removed, we could then embark on their Capital and Wealth Preservation coaching with the owner and principal.

Each of our coaching involvements are different. Each person’s needs and aspirations and goals are different. Which is why, through our One Team approach, we complete integrated and specific strategies, designed exactly for the individual’s requirements.