One Team beliefs and The Journey to Joining

Our Beliefs and what we look for

We know when our team are happy and great at what they do, life is so much better for everyone.

They delight our clients and do amazing things if they love their work. So for us, it makes some sense to create a place where people can be happy and positive and have that can do attitude. Then they can be the best they can possibly be.

Armed with this know-how, we look to spot them in everyone who wants to join our small team.

If Advantage One strengths and beliefs resonate with you, you could be exactly what we are looking for.

  • Authentic (no wankers)
  • Client passion
  • Doer
  • Energiser
  • Growth
  • Ownership
  • Synergy

What to expect

Here’s a rough guide to the journey you’ll need to take if you want to be part of our One team:

  1. Finding the right job is a two way thing. It’s as much about you deciding if you like the look of us, as it’s about us getting clear on whether you’re just what we need.

  2. If you like our One team approach and beliefs, then consider applying. Supply us with a few details and tell us about a few things you have achieved and about your strengths. Reasonably easy. Make sure it is a little different and stands out from the crowd. That may tell us a lot more than you think about you.

  3. If we feel you are a good match , we’ll invite you along to an audition session. This is designed if the role we might have will bring the best out of you. Either way, you will be involved in meeting and chatting with the team and we’ll chat about what you want and your strengths and what you bring to the table. Allocate around 1-1.5hrs.


  • Your job is simple – be your self. Let your strengths shine and the rest will be.
  • It’s a two way thing – know what you want to find out about us. Ask those burning questions.
  • Your application is a reflection on you – Keep it tidy and to the point and make it stand out.
  • Arrive on time 
  • Dress code – do your research and dress to the occasion. Check out the place before hand. Having said that, we are more interested in you but will notice too how you are dressed.
  • Have fun and smile.