Game Plan

 A New Game Plan – the first serve

One of the major success factors for elite sports people is coaching.

In fact, the relationship – not just the skill- that develops between a top player and coach will often determine the overall success of the individual.

At Advantage One, we have drawn from the model of coaching in sports to develop our own unique business model.

We are a team of professional people, experienced and dedicated to the business of accounting, taxation and financial planning.

And whilst that marriage of skills is not unique, the way we work with our clients is.

We first identify the type of relationship our clients want: what are their life goals, what are their expectations, what are their needs? Then we work in harmony with you on Wealth Creation or Wealth Preservation/Capital Growth, or both.

We are committed to the provision of Strategic Financial Coaching to ensure both wealth and lifestyle goals are achieved.

As well we are privately owned and proud of it.

As such, we are not beholden to tow the company line. Consequently we feel the quality of our decision making and therefore our recommendations are untainted, due to this independence.